The Group

The Professor
Joseph M. Zadrozny

2013 Ph.D University of California, Berkeley
2007 B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Office: Chemistry Research 113
Phone: (970) 495-4168


Postdoctoral Associates
Siyoung Sung
2019 Ph.D Texas A&M University, College Station
2014 M.S. Seoul National University, Seoul
2011 B.S. Sogang University

Siyoung obtained his Ph.D at Texas A&M University under guidance of Dr. Michael Nippe developing novel molecular catalytic systems for carbon dioxide reduction to value-added molecules. In the Zadrozny group, he is interested in utilizing molecular magnetism to direct spin-dependent reactivity. Outside the lab, Siyoung enjoys exploring new areas drinking coffee. 


Graduate Students
Cassidy Jackson

B.S. Chemistry, James Madison University, 2017
At James Madison University, Cassidy worked under Dr. Donna Amenta and Dr. John Gilje on the synthesis of novel palladium catalysts. In the Zadrozny lab, she investigates nuclear spin patterning in ligand shells for paramagnetic transition-metal complexes. This work develops fundamental design principles for low-frequency EPR imaging probes. She also studies the photophysical properties of low-coordination complexes for light-activated catalysts. When not in lab, she likes baking, hiking, and playing card and board games.


Tyler Ozvat

B.S. Chemistry, Fort Lewis College, 2017
Tyler went to Fort Lewis College and worked for Dr. Kenneth Miller on the synthesis of macrocyclic natural products. In the Zadrozny group, he focuses on designing highly tunable nuclear spin properties in low-spin cobalt-metal complexes via ligand synthesis. This design-level approach will allow the development of unrealized contrast agents for thermometry. Additionally, he uses these design principles in coordinating the reactivity of open-shell species in lanthanide-metal complexes. Out of lab, he enjoys hiking, climbing, and playing guitar.


Anthony Campanella

B.S. Chemistry, University of Delaware, 2018
Anthony comes from the University of Delaware working for Dr. Eric Bloch to synthesize novel ligands for metal-organic cages. In the Zadrozny group, he is developing design principles for the control of magnetic and electronic properties of EPR active first-row transition metals. This work will contribute to the design of potential EPR imaging agents for applications in current resonance imaging techniques. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and brewing beer.


Ian Moseley

B.S. Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2018
Ian attended UNC Chapel Hill where he worked with Dr. Alexander Miller on developing novel reduction catalysts. In the Zadrozny group, he focuses on developing synthetic methodologies and magnetic characterization of extended covalent networks for new low-coordinate iron solids. These materials are intended to replace valuable rare-earth components in modern electronics. Additionally, he investigates the influence of counter-ions on coherences times in single ion magnets. Ian enjoys climbing, cooking, and exploring the great outdoors.


Roxanna Martinez

B.A. Chemistry, Skidmore College, 2019
Roxanna comes from Skidmore College where she worked under Dr. Kimberley Frederick. In the Zadrozny group, she focuses on investigating nuclear spin patterning in ligand shells for vanadium (V) complexes. This work will contribute to the development of design principles for the control of electron spin coherence in metal complexes. In her free time, she enjoys running, baking, and playing video games.


Jake Fromm

B.S. Chemistry and B.S. Biochemistry, University of Montana, 2019
Jake attended the University of Montana where he worked for Dr. Orion Berryman to synthesize organic scaffolds for studying halogen bonding. Additionally, he worked with Dr. Richard Bridges on optimizing a kinetic assay to measure cellular glutamate transport rates. Now, as a part of Zadrozny group, Jake is working towards understand structure-coherence relationships for strategic design of qubits.



Undergraduate Students
Spencer Johnson

Colorado State University, B.S Physics and B.S. Mathematics expected Spring 2021


Monique Broussard

Colorado State University, B.S. Chemistry expected 2021

Group Alumni


Former Postdoctoral Associates
Chun-Yi Lin

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of California-Davis, 2017
B.S. Chemistry, National Tsing Hua University, 2009
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at National Cheng Kung University
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Former Graduate Students
Christina Charles

M.S. Chemistry, 2020



Manny Peña

M.S. Chemistry, 2019



Blake Gerold

M.S. Chemistry, 2017



Former Undergraduate Students
Jeremiah Chote - Colorado State University, B. S. Chemistry 2019 now pursuing a Ph.D. at USC-Los Angeles
Maiele Mignard - Colorado State University, B.S. Environmental Health & Radiological Sciences expected Spring 2021
Bailey Rhodes - Messiah College, pursuing B.S. Chemistry by Spring 2020
Charles Stump - Colorado State University, pursuing B.S. Biology by Spring 2019