Paper accepted!

Paper from senior student Tyler Ozvat just got accepted! This paper does some exciting work studying how deuteration of the ligand shell will influence variable-temperature NMR properties. It will lead to many new design strategies! See the publications page for more information and keep an eye out in Inorg. Chem. for the actual paper, when it is posted.

Welcome new members!

The lab welcomes two undergraduate workers this summer, Fred Anderson and Amanda Gin, and a new postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Okten Ungor. We are excited for the fresh faces!

Review published!

Our review on magnetic relaxation phenomena (through the lens of a synthetic chemist) was just published today in Chem. Soc. Rev. A round of celebratory shots are in order, it was a lot of work!!divAbstract

Paper Accepted!

Our group (Anthony as first author) just had our manuscript detailing the first low-frequency electron paramagnetic resonance studies of EPR linewidth in Cr(3+) complexes. We are excited for the many more lurking on the horizon! Keep an eye on the publications page – a link to the paper will show up once it is available.

Welcome Jake!

We happily welcome new group member Jacob Fromm, who will be working at the intersection of quantum science and coordination chemistry!

Literature Seminar Passed!

Zadrozny lab member Roxanna Martinez passed her literature seminar degree requirement with a department-wide seminar on MOF responses to high radiation doses. Congratulations Roxanna, well-deserved!

Tyler’s paper accepted!

The manuscript “Ligand Control of 59Co Nuclear-Spin Relaxation Thermometry” was just accepted for publication. In this study we show that temperature-dependent structure can be used to drive temperature-dependent relaxation times as a new method of enabling thermometry with 59Co NMR. Be on the lookout for it in the journal Magnetochemistry.

Welcome New Members

We welcome two new members for the summer: Ryan Baker (from CSU physics), and Jacob O’Lena (via the B2B program). Welcome aboard!

New Paper Out!

Tyler and Anthony’s paper on using advanced x-ray absorption spectroscopies to probe Cobalt-59 MRI thermometers was recently accepted and published in the journal Dalton Transactions. Check the publications page for more information. Nice work!