New paper accepted!

├ľkten’s paper on using asymmetric ligands to control vibrations and molecular temperature sensitivity was just accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers. Keep a look out for it to show up in print either at the journal or on our publications page!

New paper!

Lab member Roxanna Martinez’ first first-author paper just got accepted today! This work explores how tuning the ligand and counterion affect spin relaxation at high magnetic fields. Check out the publications page for details once the paper is online!

Two Defenses!

Two senior lab members, Ian Moseley and Anthony Campanella, just defended their theses. We look forward to celebrating their newfound doctorness at commencement in a few weeks.

New NSF Moneys!

Our lab was awarded new moneys by the NSF to study exotic EPR transitions as a route toward new bioimaging applications that exploit entanglement. Looking for new people to work on it!

Paper accepted!

Okten’s paper demonstrating a record temperature sensitivity for a nuclear-spin magnetic resonance frequency was just accepted to J. Am. Chem. Soc. Keep an eye on the publications page for a link to appear soon!


Zadrozny Group undergraduate alum Jeremiah Choate (now at USC) was awarded an NSF graduate fellowship! Congratulations Jeremiah!

Another new paper!

Cassidy’s paper on spin relaxation and counterion/matrix effects was just accepted for publication in J. Phys. Chem. C. Keep an eye on the publications page for the paper and a link when it comes out!

New paper out!

Ian’s paper on paramagnetic dilutions is out today in Cell. Rep. Phys. Sci. It’s the first paper to study spin relaxation in deliberately magnetic environments. Peep it on our publications page! Nice work Ian!

Paper accepted!

Anthony’s paper on tuning zero-field splitting in Ni complexes has just been accepted! He showed that relatively minor changes to the ligand shell can induce substantial changes in zero-field splitting. Keep an eye on the publications page for more information.

Paper accepted!

Paper from senior student Tyler Ozvat just got accepted! This paper does some exciting work studying how deuteration of the ligand shell will influence variable-temperature NMR properties. It will lead to many new design strategies! See the publications page for more information and keep an eye out in Inorg. Chem. for the actual paper, when it is posted.