Welcome Siyoung!

Siyoung Sung just joined the group as a postdoctoral researcher. Siyoung comes to our group from Texas A&M, where he got his PhD under the direction of Prof. Michael Nippe. We are overjoyed to have him as part of our team!

Accepted Manuscript

Cassidy’s paper on the orientation dependence of phase memory relaxation was accepted for publication in Chem. Phys. Lett. Congratulations to all involved! Look for it to appear online in the near future.

Welcome New Members

The Zadrozny group welcomes two new graduate students, Christina Charles and Roxanna Martinez, into the group. We are excited to see where their studies carry them!

CSU Grad Researcher of the Month

Cassidy Jackson (Zadrozny lab 3rd year student) was recently selected as the CSU graduate student researcher of the month by the graduate student council. Well-deserved, congratulations Cassidy! More information can be found in the November newsletter: http://gsc.colostate.edu/2019/11/05/check-out-gscs-november-newsletter/

Blog post highlights our research on rare earths for sustainability!

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) recently posted a blog written by lab member Tyler Ozvat that highlights the sustainability related aspects of his research. Read the post on the Human Nature Blog through the SoGES website amongst a broad range of other sustainability research occurring at CSU.

Rare earth mining is worsened by recycling challenges, but magnetism could provide an answer

SoGES – HUMANnature Blog Post

First low-coordinate paper accepted!

Our first paper on low-coordinate chemistry was just accepted as part of a special issue in the journal Polyhedron. This is Ian’s first accepted paper in our group, and focused on the synthesis and characterization of a dinuclear complex of low-coordinate iron. Congratulations Ian!

Summer researcher featured!

Summer worker Maiele Mignard, who worked on the metal-ion nuclear spin project as part of the bridges-to-baccalaureate (B2B) program, was featured in the CSU new magazine The Source!

Accepted Manuscript

Congratulations to Cassidy, who recently had a paper accepted into the journal Chemical Science. This paper is the first to study how different substitutional patterns of nuclear spins affect phase-memory relaxation in open-shell metal complexes. The work is an exciting result and will be appearing in print in the coming weeks – stay tuned!

Poster Awards at RMMR Conference!

Congratulations to Cassidy and Spencer, who both got outstanding poster presentation awards at the 60th Annual Rocky Mountain Magnetic Resonance Meeting in Denver this week (http://www.rockychem.com). This presentation is given to students who represent the bright future of magnetic resonance. Nice work Spencer and Cassidy!