Literature Seminar Passed!

Zadrozny lab member Roxanna Martinez passed her literature seminar degree requirement with a department-wide seminar on MOF responses to high radiation doses. Congratulations Roxanna, well-deserved!

Tyler’s paper accepted!

The manuscript “Ligand Control of 59Co Nuclear-Spin Relaxation Thermometry” was just accepted for publication. In this study we show that temperature-dependent structure can be used to drive temperature-dependent relaxation times as a new method of enabling thermometry with 59Co NMR. Be on the lookout for it in the journal Magnetochemistry.

Welcome New Members

We welcome two new members for the summer: Ryan Baker (from CSU physics), and Jacob O’Lena (via the B2B program). Welcome aboard!

New Paper Out!

Tyler and Anthony’s paper on using advanced x-ray absorption spectroscopies to probe Cobalt-59 MRI thermometers was recently accepted and published in the journal Dalton Transactions. Check the publications page for more information. Nice work!

SoGES Fellow Appointment for Cassidy

Cassidy Jackson, Zadrozny lab group member, was selected as a SoGES Sustainability Leadership Fellow for 2020-2021. Congratulations and well-deserved!

Summer Fellowships!

Three summer fellowships were recently awarded: (1) a summer fellowship from the CSU Energy Institute was awarded to Spencer Johnson to continue his work on understanding how particular patterns of nuclear spins impact nuclear spin relaxation dynamics. (2) Monique Broussard won a small fellowship award for research from the Chemistry department. (3) A summer fellowship for Ian Moseley was awarded through the CSU Center of Advanced Magnetics to work on studying paramagnetic spin baths. Congratulations everyone!

Accepted Manuscript!

Our new paper “Programmable Nuclear Spin Dynamics in Ti(IV) Coordination Complexes” has been accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry. This paper, which features Spencer (undergraduate in Physics, planned graduation 2021) as first author and Cassidy Jackson as second author, describes new design strategies for controlling nuclear spin magnetization in the ligand shell of metal complexes. Keep an eye out for it. Congratulations Spencer!

NSF Research Fellowship!

Ian Moseley, Zadrozny lab member, was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Ian, well-deserved!