Blog post highlights our research on rare earths for sustainability!

The School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES) recently posted a blog written by lab member Tyler Ozvat that highlights the sustainability related aspects of his research. Read the post on the Human Nature Blog through the SoGES website amongst a broad range of other sustainability research occurring at CSU.

Rare earth mining is worsened by recycling challenges, but magnetism could provide an answer

SoGES – HUMANnature Blog Post

Presentation Award

Congratulations to lab member Cassidy Jackson, who received a “Best Presentation Award” from the 6th Center for Advanced Magnetics Workshop on June 18th, 2019. The workshop was a highly interdisciplinary mix of physicist and chemists. Nice work, Cassidy!

New Paper Accepted!

Tyler and Manny’s paper exploring the role of ligand design on the sensitivity of Cobalt-59 to fluctuations in temperature is now accepted for publication in the journal of Chemical Science. Keep an eye out for its appearance in the coming week!

New Glovebox Delivered!

After much anticipation, our group’s second glove box has finally arrived! With this new glovebox we are excited to expand upon our air-free synthetic techniques intended for a variety of new and continuing projects.

Summer Fellowships Awarded

Two group members were recently awarded funds to support their summer research. Congratulations to both Cassidy and Spencer, well-deserved!

First, congratulations to Cassidy, who was awarded a CSU PRSE Summer Fellowship. This fellowship will support her work in studying how specific geometric arrangements of nuclear spins impact the properties of metal-based electronic spins. The funding will also support a trip to the MagLab for experiments at the cutting edge of molecular magnetism.

Second, congratulations to undergraduate group member Spencer, who was awarded a CSU Energy Institute Summer Internship. Spencer will spend the summer studying how to control nuclear spin dynamics via synthetic chemistry.

Outstanding Presentation Award

This Saturday, undergraduate member Spencer Johnson received an Outstanding Presentation Award from the 2019 Rocky Mountain Undergraduate Research Conference at Colorado Christian University. Congratulations, Spencer!

Welome Ian and Anthony!

The Zadrozny Group welcomes two new graduate students to the lab, Ian and Anthony. They are a superb addition to the group, and we are excited to conduct research with them on new projects.