We are a new synthetic and physical inorganic chemistry group at Colorado State University interested in using electronic and nuclear spin control to solve challenges in chemistry. The Zadrozny Lab began its studies in July of 2017, is currently conducting research in the newly constructed chemistry research building. Enthusiastic prospective students and scientists wanting to hear more about our research should contact Joe directly at:  joe.zadrozny@colostate.edu.

Group News

Interactive Magnetism Demos at Rocky Mountain High School


Today, the lab heads off campus to visit Rocky Mountain High School to talk about molecular magnetism through interactive demos. Below, Cassidy and Tyler demonstrate how dipole moments affect magnetic strength and the formation of magnetite from iron supplements.


Welcome New Students!


The Zadrozny lab welcomes three new graduate students, Cassidy Jackson, Tyler Ozvat, and Manny Pena, to the group. We are excited to bring them aboard! To learn more about them, venture over to personnel section of the site.

Welcome Blake!


The Zadrozny lab welcomes graduate student Blake Gerold, who will work on designing molecules and materials capable of generating nuclear spin hyperpolarization.